API Development Company in Noida : An Application Programming Interface (API) is the communication protocol between two systems. API’s are been designed to make it possible for the system to communicate with each other, which is done using a defined language and there are certain rules have been created for requests and responses by the system. If someone wants to get a web-based software application or the web tool, API is one of the most useful integral components which facilitates reliable interaction between computer hardware, databases and software components. The modern web applications have integrated an extensive use of the APIs to communicate to and from the servers into the client applications. APIs open up a huge number of business opportunities. We at CGR Infotech, have professional API developers who have years of experience and expertise in developing API integration across several platforms. We provide services such as API design, development and integration as well. API is really important in allowing businesses to make applications which boosts their competence through the greater data influence. The API is most helpful in assisting businesses to reach their corporate voice through third-party business apps. Our experts have the vast knowledge of JSON API, REST API Development, and XML API, Mobile API Integration and Native API Integration. CGR Infotech will build web service programs and API that need authentication to guarantee safe transfer. The usual challenge which is faced by the API developer is performance. Our experts build APIs using top-class technologies such as PHP, Node.js and My SQL. However, it is also possible to create APIs using serverless technologies which are AWS Lambda, and using other AWS services like as API Gateway, CloudFront, and Cognito. These are all used to bring out the powerful features which include performance, caching, and authentication. API Development Company in Noida